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This web site contains information for those interested in the deterioration processes in cultural heritage objects caused by the indoor environment, especially air pollutants. Here you will find papers and technical notes, conference and meeting reports with abstracts, about the impact of the air quality on objects in museums, libraries, or archives. As the focus of this site is on material degradation, e.g. metal corrosion or hydrolysis of organic materials, there will be very few references to indoor air quality and human health.

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IAQ2020 Abstracts online:
The 14th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments was held in Antwerp, Belgium, October 12-16, 2020, as a virtual event.
Book of abstracts (in PDF)
Visual abstract of conference - mapping of topics and discussions touched upon

NEXT CONFERENCE will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14-16 September 2022. See the conference website for details, call for abstracts, etc.:

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