Indoor Air Pollution:

Detection and Prevention

held at:
Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam, The Nederlands
26-27 August 1999

Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes


Agnes W. Brokerhof
The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage

Lorraine Gibson
The University of Strathclyde
(formerly of the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage)

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Foreword, Introduction, Aims and Summary of Conclusions

Presentation Abstracts:


1) Lorraine Gibson: Formaldehyde vapour collection: a laboratory study

2) Michele Raychaudhuri: Formaldehyde collection and detection

3) Frank Ligterink: Fundamental considerations of air monitoring

4) Simon Watts: Hydrogen sulphide levels in museums: what do they mean

5) Jean Tétreault: Standards for levels of pollutants in museums: part II

6) Cecily Grzywacz: A new blue on the bronze: sodium copper acetate carbonate

7) Bart Ankersmit: Recent investigations into the sulphidation of silver

8) Giovanna Di Pietro and Frank Ligterink: Gas diffusion related degradation patterns


9) Frank Ligterink : Application of the Hoetjer equation in climate control studies

10) Morten Ryhl-Svendsen : The pleasures and pains of emission chambers - the construction of an emission test chamber at the National Museum of Denmark

11) Karen Potje : A comparison of three test methods used to determine the effectiveness of epoxy and latex paints as vapour barriers

12) Cecily Grzywacz : The benefit of materials testing and indoor air quality

13) Kath Eremin : Materials testing for the Museum of Scotland: Did it prevent pollutants?

14) Monika Fjaestad : A review of indoor air pollution measurements and counter-measures in Swedish museums

15) Barry Finn and Mick Morris : New results on sorbents for acetic acid in museum air

16) Graham Noble : Barriers and sorbents for the prevention of sulphidation of silver

17) Jean Tétreault : Summary of Control Procedures to prevent damages caused by Contaminants

18) Cecily Grzywacz : Mitigation - does it work? Is it always an improvement?

List of Attendees

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